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Welcome to your newsletter about longevity, where we explore the secrets of anti-aging, increasing both lifespan and healthspan. Discover actionable strategies to optimize your health and well-being, address root causes of health issues, reverse chronic diseases, and gain valuable tools, knowledge, and insights for achieving longevity, optimal well-being, and a more vibrant life. Stay tuned for updates and join us on this transformative journey towards a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life filled with vitality and contentment.

The Story Behind Longev Today.

The inspiration behind this newsletter stems from my passion for sharing groundbreaking discoveries in biochemistry science that remain relatively unknown among the general population and are seldom incorporated into conventional healthcare practices. There are alternative, personalized approaches to living a healthy life and achieving optimal well-being, beyond relying solely on medications and surgeries that only address symptoms.

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The Known Hallmarks of Aging and How to Prevent Aging.

Researchers have cautiously begun to agree on the following: Address these hallmarks, and you can slow down aging. Slow down aging and you can prevent disease.

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Meet Your Author

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Marie Andersson began her health career in 2021, as an investment analyst, specializing in medtech companies across Southeast Asia. A year later, she joined a startup studio where they co-founded functional medicine startups targeting the US consumer market.

Today, Marie is at the forefront of building a startup called cAIre tech, which focuses on developing AI-powered decision support systems for practitioners in functional medicine worldwide. 

Marie holds an MSc in International Business and Economics.


Marie Andersson